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The story of Logica Sport began in 1997 as a distributor of soccer shoes, balls, and all other soccer accessories. As our increased visibility and strength as a distributor continued to grow over the years, it allowed us to expand our business focus in specialization of sports product distribution, to include another sport such as cycling. Acquiring Biemme Sport , known for its state of the art sublimation articles in soccer as well as its high-end cycling apparel, allowed Logica Sport to put its mark on the map of Canadian sports specialist distributors. As the market continued to change in demands, Logica Sport's first mover instincts continued to flourish and in 2002 we began distributing Eletto Sport to fulfill the need for soccer footwear, balls, uniforms, etc. for all levels of demand. Several years later, the well known Italian sports brand giant, Diadora, signed a contract with Logica Sport to be its Canadian distributor for its cycling footwear. In the same year, Sells Goalkeeper Products, a well known brand and market leader in soccer goalkeeper gloves and apparel contacted Logica Sport to be its exclusive distributor for Canada. One year later, through our successful strategic plan to grow the market share for Diadora Cycling shoes in Canada, Logica Sport was given the complete Diadora Soccer collection to distribute in Canada. In order to expand its presence in the cycling industry, Logica Sport began to distribute Veloflex (in 2009) to support the demand for professional tires followed by Stella Azzurra in 2010. Logica Sport continues to expand its product lines in order to better serve the (North American) market.

Bicycle Equipment

A quick glance at the History of Logica sport and some of their sporting Brands

  • 1997 - ValSport

  • 1999 - Biemme sport

  • 2002 - Eletto sport

  • 2002 - Garman

  • 2007 - Sells Gloves

  • 2009 - Diadora Cycling

  • 2009 - Diadora Soccer

  • 2009 - Stella Azzura

  • 2009 - Veloflex tires

  • 2011 - Enervit

  • 2015 - Apis

  • 2015 - De Rosa

  • 2015 - Corsino

  • 2015 - Diadora Running

  • 2016 - Briko

Our management team

The driving force behind the company's success is the passion and the dedication that the management team holds for the sport. Being involved at different levels of soccer, be it amateur playing, professional playing, volunteering in soccer associations, player agent, etc. is the main reason for the success of Logica Sport. Being involved in the sports we distribute allows us to understand the needs of athletes at different levels of play as well as the newest trends and innovations on the market. As our team continues to grow, we select only the best to represent our company and together we continue to support at all levels of the supply chain. Our love for these sports continues to grow and so does our passion to serve them to the market.


Logica Sport is committed to being a one stop shop for all retailers looking for specialty sporting good products. We offer selected brands that will offer innovation, technology and performance based products to answer to the market needs. We believe in hard work, customer service excellence and understanding the needs of the different individuals.


To be the leading distributors in North America for specialty products for the sporting good industry.

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